Skokholm “Dream Island” Week 2

This week starts bright and sunny and hopefully more migrants are on their way. I must remember I am here to work before I can spend time with the birds, so each morning and evening I bird watch and during the rest of the the day I work to the list. During the week a lot of time has been put in painting the walls and ceiling in the central block on the inside and decorating windows.

As far as birds have gone a lifer for me in a Black Redstart which was nice and some good pictures as well.

There are plenty of Meadow Pipits about and on occasion they will keep still enough to get close to and photograph.


My first ever Black Redstart. There was a female as well and they both hung around for a couple of days. The best bird hide was the kitchen window to get the pictures I have posted.

After a while I got familiar with there call and new they was around.

I have seen two pairs of Shellduck at the moment but I am told numbers will probably increase in the next few weeks. This is a female.

Shoveler are fairly common birds in the UK. This week I have seen 3 here on the island. I just new this male was going to fly off so I was ready for him. I like the water droplets he leaves behind.

I think this Black Redstart is an immature or first summer female. Any help with my identification is always appreciated.

Back to North Pond, which is proving to be an excellent spot for the waders. The fourth picture was right below me in the hide and is full frame.

A fly over North Pond of two Shellduck. It looks like the male is in the front.

The only one Ring Ouzel I have seen before was at least 150 yards away. To have one 15 yards away again through the kitchen window was a real pleasure and I am so pleased to have been lucky enough to capture some nice pictures.

Wildlife Photography

They are very distinctive with their black plumage and pale wing panel and striking white breast band. They are quite rare and on on the RSPB red list.

The Oystercatcher must rate very high as interesting birds to watch. Strangely enough they do not eat oysters but prefer muscles.

This picture of the Rabbit ends week 2 of my stay. The variety of birds has increased, the weather has improved and I’m even more pleased I am here for another 3 weeks.

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