Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes). It’s all about planning.

Whilst I managed to see the odd fox now and then I was interested to find out where the best place was to photograph this integral part of our wonderful wildlife. I have never ever been fortunate enough to take a picture of a fox and they have intrigued me for a long time.

I asked around and eventually was given some information of where to go. Having received several tips I felt the latest information was probably reliable. For a couple of days I put a few dog biscuits in different areas and in one of these areas the biscuits were disappearing. I concentrated on this area and eventually caught a glimpse of a fox amongst the trees.

Red Fox

Today I arrived with my camera equipment and dog biscuits and waited and waited. Eventually I felt my heart start pounding with excitement as I spotted a fox slowing making its way towards me, his nose fixed to the ground chris-crossing trying to zone in on the small pile of the biscuits I had put down in the snow.

Gradually and slowly zoning in on the biscuits

All the time he was criss-crossing he never took his eyes off me. He didn’t seem frightened but was cautious. I kept as still as I could lying low on the ground as he came closer and closer.

Red Fox

Even the sound from my camera did not deter him.

Red Fox

The fox eventually came to the spot I had baited and I was lucky enough to get some really nice pictures.

Red Fox

Red Fox

What surprised me more than anything was how close it came to me, looking at me straight down the lens of my camera. During it’s visit I thought it would keep some distance between us, but, it probably came as close as 10 meters.

Red Fox

There was just a glimmer of diffused light coming through the clouds. It’s amazing what a difference good light will make to a picture and of course the fox being in the right place at the right time. I really like this picture, so, I have also posted it on my home page. Shortly after I took it he was gone, disappearing in the undergrowth as quickly as he appeared from it.

A wonderful wildlife photography experience. A really good day worth the planning and time I put in to get these pictures.

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