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Birding in Portugal

I have just returned from a two weeks birding in Portugal with my wife Helen. We stayed at A Rocha near Alvor in the Algarve. A Rocha Portugal is involved in the study, monitoring and conservation of the Ria de Alvor which started back in the 1980′s. They are devoted to scientific research and to conservation and environmental education. If you would like tom learn more about A Rocha and the work they do click¬† The plan was to be there for the Autumn migration which should produce some nice birds but winds from a northerly direction were needed but unfortunately they came from the south and wer
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Wildlife Photography Portfolio

Wildlife, Animal & Bird Photographer

The website is as much about my fascination and passion for wildlife and my efforts to photograph them in their environment. If it conveys my enthusiasm for wildlife photography then it will I hope inspire a similar excitement for you the viewers enabling you to share this passion.

There is probably no more a challenging subject than trying to photograph wildlife, the subject often being elusive or erratic in its behaviour. A further increasing obvious challenge for me is the quest for the perfect shot which can be fun and I hope through my images I can make you aware how wonderful our natural world really is and more importantly how rich it can be on your patch without having to travel to exotic places around the world.